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    What is Big Fish?


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    What is Big Fish? Empty What is Big Fish?

    Post by genkicoll Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:22 am

    What is Big Fish?

    Big Fish Games

    - Big Fish is the general go-to site for casual gamers. Games for non-members are $9.99 or $19.99 for Collector's Editions. Being a member of the Big Fish Game Club simply means buying one game credit for $6.99 a month. The day of the month you sign up on will be your billing date. For instance, if you sign up on the 20th of the month, each month you will be billed for $6.99 and a new credit (good for any $6.99 game) will be added to your account. You can cancel online at any time.

    Benefits of being a Big Fish member:

    • All standard edition games are $6.99 each, and Collector's Edition games are $13.99.
    • Every game you buy will go towards your monthly punch card. 6 punches on your card = 1 free game coupon. Standard games are worth 1 punch each, while the $13.99 Collector's Edition games are worth 3 punches each.
    • Fill as many punch cards per month as you like.
    • When you purchase a standard edition game, then decide you want the Collector's Edition, once you buy the CE, Customer Service will refund your SE purchase
    • Access to the Daily Deal (DD = one game per day which BF chooses to offer for $2.99 that day only) and Tomorrow's Game Today (TGT = games that won't be released to non-members until the following day).
    • Access to Live Chat. Customer Service at Big Fish is not hard to contact, but they will sometimes take several days to get back to you (if they are backed up). Being a member means you that can have "instant
      gratification" and hop right onto a live chat with them.

    There is a game manager for Big Fish Games. The first time you download a game from them, it will install their Game Manager. All of your games are accessible via this game manager, and you can purchase the game(s) with the click of a button. Doing so will NOT automatically take a game credit, you have the option to pay by other means, and it will take you directly to the purchase page.

    Overall, Big Fish is a reliable site that will not give out your e-mail address and is guaranteed ad-ware and virus-free. The game manager does not "get along" with some people's systems, nor with certain games, but there is a free demo for every game on the site except for some of the Large File games. If you do have a problem, Customer Service is quick to offer solutions, and if the solutions don't work, they will send you a replacement coupon.

    So why is PlayFirst included in this section?

    Big Fish and PlayFirst are partners, and all PF purchases go through and are accessible through Big Fish and their game manager.

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