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    Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition


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    Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition Empty Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition

    Post by genkicoll Mon Aug 22, 2022 5:44 am

    Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition
    by SQRT3 - August, 2022

    Available at:
    Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition Elena_10

    Mystery. Adventure. Romance. Help Elena discover the secret of the City of the Amazons in a challenging Time Management game!

    Discover the City of the Amazons with Elena as she follows in her father's footsteps! Archeology has never been so exciting!

    A young girl in the big world of academics? Elena is not willing to accept having to serve coffee forever even though the odds are stacked against her. Ever since her father died in an expedition years ago she hasn’t been thinking about anything else. Are any secrets still buried in the old excavation site? What happened there that caused a human death? Elena will not stop until she uncovers the truth! Even though the old professor and his (very!) charming assistant try their hardest to talk her out of it, she is sure of one thing: if there were no secrets hidden in the past, no one would have stolen the documentation from her father’s expedition. Who is trying to hide the past from her? What is it that she shouldn’t learn? And who is the mysterious woman who watches her from afar?
    It’s time for an expedition! There’s a lot to discover in the City of the Amazons… But the question is how much are you willing to risk? Career? Friends? Yourself?

    Help Elena manage her time, splitting it between her passion for archeology, combatting the bureaucracy and searching for answers which might prove dangerous! Discover the story spanning over 60 levels, where the past blends with the present and the City of the Amazons is ready to be discovered again.

    - Become an archeologist ⛏, whose work turns out to be far more mysterious than anticipated. 🔍
    - Live out a story full of unexpected plot twists, where the past mixes with the present..
    - Meet and get to know all of the interesting background characters. Do you know who can be trusted? Or who is worthy of your love? 🕵🏻‍�
    - Be swept off your feet by the beautiful scenery and ambient music. From the old University, through the mysterious antique store to the City of the Amazons! 🕰
    - Match the difficulty to your needs by choosing from three different difficulty levels.
    - And most importantly, discover what secrets are concealed in the City of the Amazons!🤫
    Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition Ss_6b855c21a54e058feb0cd18ad0fc981d3d561880.1920x1080
    Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition Ss_2382aeb4e85b1fa20f4368694533dfa069659cd8.1920x1080
    Elena's Journal: Unfinished Expedition Ss_e22ac1db5afd0ae3dc6c7057f75162a6203474af.1920x1080

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