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    Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc


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    Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc Empty Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc

    Post by genkicoll Sat May 19, 2012 11:46 am

    Q: How do I get to my home?
    Click on the iMG cloud in the upper left corner, or type /home in local chat.

    You've got a house... Now what to do with it?

    When you're in DECORATE MODE, you will not lose mood or energy. Very helpful!

    You start off small, but you can add length and height to your home (up to three stories at the moment). You'll need to either make or buy the resources needed. You'll need wall segments (you'll get one to start off with) to expand length-wise, and to add height to your home, you'll need Urth blocks, girders, wall segments, and a door.

    In your free furniture, you will find an storage display box (aka SDB). This is the most useful item in the game as far as sorting items go. Each will hold up to 999 stacks of any one item. The hoarders are loving this item, especially since when you deposit an item, it gives you an option to add ALL of that item that you're carrying, no matter what bag they're held in.

    HINTS regarding SDB's:

    - You can use SDB's to organize your bags. Maybe you don't want to have 50 SDB's in your house, and would prefer to use cabinets, shelves, and/or your attic for storage. Add the item to the SDB - which you can do by clicking on it and choosing deposit (if you're in decorate mode), or by dragging and dropping the item into the box - then make sure the bag(s) that you're holding on the left side of the screen are empty, then remove however many items you'd like into your bag(s).

    For instance, say I want to put metal ingots into bags instead of in the SDB on my wall. I'd have an empty bigger bag ready (whichever one is on the left and has slots will fill first), then figure out how many I wanted. Ingots stack to 20, and bigger bags have 16 slots. To fill the bag entirely, I'd withdraw 320 ingots, which I can then put wherever I like Smile

    - Use SDB's to figure out how many of an item you have. If you want to figure out how many meat you're carrying, but don't want to count them, drag to an empty (or meat-filled) SDB. It will ask how many you'd like to deposit, telling you exactly how many you have in stock Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc 364988687 To see how many of an item are already in one of your SDB's, simply hover the mouse over the box.

    - Do not add items to your SDB from the floor! Last I heard, there was a bug that sometimes made your items disappear when you've tried adding them from the floor. To be safe, pick up, then add to your SDB's.

    If you have been away from Glitch for a while,
    these next tips are for you:
    When we switched out to houses in our imaginations, anything that was left at your old home (if you had one) or in your test house will have been packed into moving boxes for you: One for your old home, one each for upstairs and downstairs, and one for front and back yards (if applicable). You can see where the items came from by hovering your mouse over the box(es).


    If you're like most everyone else, the first thing you want to do is open the boxes, but you'll be buried up to your waist in the hoards of goods you've saved over time if you go that route.

    To keep organized and save yourself some headache:

    - Drop all of your bags out in your yard - lay them out in a line if you want to keep them in the same order when you pick them up again.

    - Pick up one moving box.

    - Put your one SDB on the wall (or if you're lucky enough to have extras, put however many you like).

    - Click on the SDB and choose "deposit". This will bring up a list of what you have in your box. Choose what you like and move it all out.

    If you have only one SDB, get some bags and use them pull everything out of the SDB so that you can repeat the process until you get everything possible out of the box.

    - Repeat with additional boxes as needed.

    You'll still need to unpack your boxes in the end, for not everything will go into SDB's (bags, icons, etc), but it will be MUCH less hassle this way!

    If you've already unpacked your boxes:

    I highly recommend using the SDB's to sort your items. It's going to be a painful process trying to only pick up one kind of item as you clean up, so here's what I suggest:

    - Place any full bags you have in your attic or in your yard, then go get some more bigger bags.

    - Don't place any furniture just yet.

    - Stand in one place and click-click-click-click-click until you've picked up everything in that spot, then on to a new spot until your bags are full. Use the sorting method described further up in this post. If you've already placed furniture, just move it to the side whilst you work, then move it back when you're done.

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    Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc Empty Re: Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc

    Post by genkicoll Sat May 19, 2012 11:56 am

    Some helpful links for you:

    Find furniture and possible upgrades/upgrade costs here:

    Design ideas for free furniture upgrades here:

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    Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc Empty Re: Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc

    Post by bribling Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:45 am

    You may note that each moving box is labeled as to where it came from. Don't open outside boxes indoors. If you open the boxes one-by-one in the back yard it may be easier to move items to where you want them inside.

    You will have just a few furniture items to start. One SDB was not nearly enough to help me clean up the mess but I also set out a table and chair. Those will hold a lot of items! I had many blocks which I put into the SDB (had to get them out of the way!). I placed pies on the chair and was relieved to see that the chair easily held them all! Pumpkins went on the table. I had well over 50 Bigger Bags and several Small Bags and 2 or 3 Gift Boxes. These were a pain to deal with and I wish I had opened that box in the yard. Among all of those bags was my "construction bag" which had the tools and items I needed to make make SDBs. I did have the machines in my inventory but until I cleaned up I had no place to set them up (another reason to open boxes in the yard).

    The box I opened in the House spilled out and filled the yard too. I think if I had opened it in the yard it may not have gone into the house (?). I had only 2 boxes because I had moved everything from the old house into the new test house and just before the new houses were finished, I had moved all the house items onto the first floor. I thought that would make things easy but it would have been better to have some items on the 2nd floor so that I would have had an extra moving box and less mess when I started opening boxes.

    Well all of this info and advice will not help you now but should this ever happen again (reset? NO!) you will have some ideas about how to prepare.

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    Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc Empty Re: Tips on Housing, SDB's, Sorting, etc

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