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    GOG Site Update: Game Series Discounts, DLC Sorting & More!


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    GOG Site Update: Game Series Discounts, DLC Sorting & More! Empty GOG Site Update: Game Series Discounts, DLC Sorting & More!

    Post by genkicoll Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:38 pm

    Site Update: Game Series Discounts, DLC Sorting & More! is getting an update today! Learn about the new features and improvements.

    GOG Site Update: Game Series Discounts, DLC Sorting & More! 7e121256ea8cb98aa1d6a1c9386f3017a7943111_smallToday some new features and improvement are coming your way on Our web dev team did their best to improve your experience with our store and implement some of the requested changes. The update also facilitates a new kind of bundle deals, allowing you to save money when completing game series in your collection. All of the new features and improvements will be rolled out today. If you don't see something mentioned here working for you yet, just wait a bit and check again in a couple of hours. Let's go into some detail and sum up all the changes, shall we?

    Let's start with the new sweet deals we've prepared for you. A while back we did a test run of game series bundles that allowed for purchase of full series of games at a reduced price. This will now be a permanent feature on We've prepared over 80 such offers, so those of you who like to see a complete set of your favorite games series in their virtual shelves, can achieve that goal up to 57.89% cheaper (that would be the case of Telltale's Sam & Max series). If you already have a game, or some games, featured in the bundle, you can always complete the collection and get the remaining ones with a discount.
    GOG Site Update: Game Series Discounts, DLC Sorting & More! Bb67063f7462d96e95ca889817437c997d21b2b6

    The gamecard pages are getting an overhaul. The new version brings more focus to the game's trailer, as we have those available in most cases nowadays. As they say, an image is worth a thousand words, and a trailer is a set of images displayed at ~29 frames per second. Then, we've altered the way that screenshot thumbnails are presented, just to make watching all the visual content for the game easier and more intuitive. All this doesn't mean we're giving up on text! The "what's cool about it" bullet points, as well as the description are still a prominent feature of the design, now displayed side-by-side with the frame informing you about other associated titles and deals.

    Ever since we introduced DLCs to, the most popular comment from you guys was: "make them display relative to their main game, not as a separate product". That was our intention from the start, but it took some time to whip-up such a system. Today, we're happy to say it's ready. The DLCs will no longer display as separate boxes in your collections. They'll be merged and folded out from the main game box. Similarly, in the catalog, if a game offers DLC it will be all linked together, and the downloadable content will be also enumerated in the appropriate gamecard. All downloadable content items will be listed with a "DLC:" prefix in catalog, to avoid any confusion. Entering a game's title in the search engine will display all the available expansions as well. This mechanics doesn't only focus on DLCs, but will also allow us to support new types of gaming content, like episodic titles.
    GOG Site Update: Game Series Discounts, DLC Sorting & More! E2787cec097b50ab832e97c31eecf70295dfb69b

    We're almost there, just two more things we'd like to point out. The catalog search and sorting has been updated to work faster, so browsing our offer should go a lot more smoothly now for you. And finally, a new system of check-out notifications has been implemented, to inform you about the system requirements of the games in your order. It will also warn you, if you try to buy a DLC or an episode that requires a title you don't have in your collection.

    We hope you'll find that our newest update improves your experience with! Be on the lookout for a special contest we'll be launching very soon, that will involve you taking an in-depth tour of the new gamecard layout.

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