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    Introducing “Deluxe” Games!


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    Introducing “Deluxe” Games! Empty Introducing “Deluxe” Games!

    Post by genkicoll Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:10 pm

    Posted at Big Fish, Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Our Deluxe games will allow customers to purchase quality games with integrated Strategy Guides at a low price. How low you ask? Deluxe games will be released with the introductory price of $9.99/ ($6.99 Game Club price), the same cost as standard version games! (We have no estimated time frame for the expiration of the introductory rate, nor do we have a price point available for after the rate expires at this time. I will keep you updated when more information becomes available however.)

    Here is a review of our current game offerings:

    Collector’s Edition:

    • $19.99 / $13.99 Game Club price
    • Allows for early access
    • Provides an integrated Strategy Guide
    • Additional content (potential extra content can include: wallpapers, additional game play, soundtracks, concept art)
    • Game Club members will earn 3 punches on punch cards

    Deluxe Games:

    • $9.99 / $6.99 Game Club Price
    • Saturday’s TGT for Game Club members (New Release for everyone on Sunday)
    • Provides an integrated Strategy Guide
    • Deluxe games will not be released as standard versions later
    • Game Club members will earn 1 punch on punch cards

    Standard version:

    • $9.99 / $6.99 Game Club price
    • Game Club members will earn 1 punch on punch cards

    Of course we also offer Strategy Guides as well!

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