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    Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret


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    Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret Empty Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret

    Post by genkicoll Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:54 pm

    Mystery Trackers: Blackrow's Secret
    by Elephant Games - August, 2014

    Series links: Mystery Trackers 1: The Void, Mystery Trackers 2: Raincliff; Mystery Trackers 3: Black Isle, Mystery Trackers 4: Four Aces, Mystery Trackers 5: Silent Hollow, Mystery Trackers 6: Raincliff's Phantoms, Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret, Mystery Trackers 8: Nightsville HorrorMystery Trackers 9: Winterpoint Tragedy, Mystery Trackers 10: Paxton Creek Avenger, Mystery Trackers 11: Train to Hellswich, Mystery Trackers 12: Queen of Hearts, Mystery Trackers 13: Memories of Shadowfield

    Available at:
    Big Fish as Collector's Edition / Standard Edition

    Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret Mystery-trackers-blackrows-secret-ce_feature

    It’s been two hundred years since the plague swept through here… Authorities quarantined the area around Blackrow Mansion, and it hasn’t been opened since. But now, an up-and-coming starlet is receiving strange threats that have drawn her straight to the quarantine zone. What is hiding behind the rusted gates of the Forbidden District? Play innovative new mini-games and explore gorgeous hidden-object puzzles as you track down the truth behind Blackrow’s secret!

    The Collector’s Edition includes:

    • Uncover a new secret in the bonus game!
    • Wallpapers and concept art
    • Music tracks
    • An available Strategy Guide

    For the Standard Edition

    Click images to enlarge
    Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret Th_screen1 _Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret Th_screen2 _Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret Th_screen3

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

    Mystery Trackers 7: Blackrow's Secret O9fj

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