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    ZT1 Tips and Tricks


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    ZT1 Tips and Tricks Empty ZT1 Tips and Tricks

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:00 pm

    I'm quoting the most useful tips I've found from The Compost Heap and posting them in this
    thread. Their site hasn't been updated since 2003, but there is a lot
    of great info there :D (WAS - the site is now gone :sad:)

    The Guests and General Tips:

    - Zoo Guests can see 10 spaces, and they officially ‘view’ an exhibit
    that is within 3 spaces of them.

    - In some games (scenarios especially), it’s a good idea to push your
    admission up to $100 to stop the influx of guests. You can be very
    profitable with 200 guests, or you can have 1000 guests, be more
    profitable, but suffer from too much trash, too much crowding, etc. By
    setting the admission high, you get to control how your Zoo grows.

    - If you already have a lot of guests and you want them to leave, you
    will have to spend a lot of money to get them to go. Although a fun way
    to persuade people to exit is to let a couple animals escape, a less
    harmful way is to sell off 70% to 80% of your animals. The less things
    to see, the quicker Guests leave the Zoo, and when the amount of guests
    that you wanted to leave have left, you can increase your admission and
    put the animals back in. Safe yourself this aggravation and control
    Guest population from the start.

    - It is usually wise to build double lane footpaths, or leave enough
    space to upgrade your footpath to two lanes in the future. When you
    have a zoo that has 700-1000 guests, many main paths need to be 3 or 4
    spaces wide to deal with the large number of guests.

    - To help with traffic, you can build “observation areas”: Add blocks
    of footpath onto a side of your main path. This creates a little "nook”
    that Guests will move into to view an exhibit, thereby not crowding the
    main foot path.

    - Fence tips: Try not to use chain link. Sure, you save a hundred
    bucks or so on the exhibit, but stick pole fences are only 5 dollars
    more per unit and usually last 4 more months then chain link before they
    deteriorate (and don’t let those in game tool tips fool you, stick pole
    is stronger then chain link). Wooden slat is a good “middle of the
    road” fence. Concrete chain might look a bit uglier then iron bar, but
    it has the same features and life of iron bar, its only slightly weaker,
    and you save about 30$ per unit of Concrete chain over iron bar.

    - Don’t over fence! Several animals live fine in low fencing, and
    there is no reason to surround these animals in tall fence. If you
    don’t need a really strong low fence, low wooden slat fencing lasts just
    as long as the most expensive low fencing, but its 40 dollars a unit
    cheaper. A list of who takes low fencing is in the fence formula sheet:

    - Having a problem with trash? Don’t like restrooms? Just build
    restaurants. A restaurant contains all food types, seating, disposal,
    and restrooms. This means you do not have to build trash cans or
    restrooms, people in need of those services will go to your restaurant.
    A single restroom well placed in a zoo can handle between 200-300
    guests. There is no trash in your zoo, and no trash cans that cause
    guests to lose happiness. The one disadvantage of having only
    restaurants is that you will make more money with stands and vending.

    - If you are setting up food shacks, you might as well make as much
    money as possible of the concessions. Use Burger Shacks, not Pizza
    Stands, as Burger shacks do not fill up the people as quickly as pizza
    stands, cost less in overhead and initial cost, and are more profitable
    then Pizza Stands.

    - The best money making attractions are the animal theater and the
    carousel. These are far better than the elephant ride, and the small
    size of the carousel allows it to go nearly anywhere.

    - For non-money making attractions, the Japanese Garden is the best by
    far. The petting zoo is OK, but it doesn’t generate the happiness level
    for the amount of space it takes up.

    - Gift shops/stands do not generate very much profit at all. Most of
    the time the only reason you put them in the zoo is to satisfy those
    guests who are always looking to buy a souvenir. Most guests want a
    souvenir when they enter or exit the zoo, so putting a gift shop/stand
    near the zoo entrance is a good way to avoid having many Gift Shops or
    Gift Stands. Gift stands can go nearly anywhere, which is convenient,
    but it cannot compete with the speed and sales of the Gift Shops. A
    gift stand is considered “too crowed” if two people are nearby waiting
    for a souvenir, so it is best placed in a large zoo in the remote areas.
    NOTE: In Dinosaur Digs, the Zoo Tycoon add on pack, you can now move
    your gift stands to a new area after you have placed it. This gives you
    the ability to watch the sales of a gift stand, and if you think it
    could make more money somewhere else in the zoo, you can move it there
    without any penalty.

    - A great place for a Gift stand is in the "foyer" of your zoo entrance
    (by the admissions booth). You can put things in that enclosed area,
    so why not put a Gift Stand in there?

    - Although its fun to make a “garden area” in your Zoo, the happiness
    level that you get from it will in no way compete with the happiness
    gained through a new exhibit. Although you might want to make a large
    garden, or a area devoted to animal houses or attractions, if you don’t
    intersperse these areas with exhibits, they may actually decrease
    overall Guest happiness.

    - Although listed under the Animal Foliage section, Cherry trees,
    Japanese maples, Pacific Dogwood, and Wild Olive trees all increase
    guest happiness. Cherry trees are nice looking, and add a lot of
    happiness for their cost and size (more then any topiaries, flowers, and
    most statues.)

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    ZT1 Tips and Tricks Empty Re: ZT1 Tips and Tricks

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:00 pm

    These tips are from Wisco's Zoo Tycoon

    * Guests can see in a range of 10 tiles. The more animals they see in
    this range, the better.
    But these animals must be happy to keep the guests happy.

    * Every animal house has different attractions. You can change the
    attraction of an animal
    house by clicking on the house. This opens an info box. Then, click on
    an icon that looks
    like a notepad. Note that these attractions must be researched first
    before you can use

    * The compost building generates $ 50 for every pile of raked poo. And
    if you have the
    Dino Digs expansion, you will get $ 100 for every pile of raked dino

    * Every guest has his/her favorite animal. Seeing this animal in your
    zoo will increase
    that guest's happiness! You can check a guest's favorite animal in
    his/her information
    panel, by clicking on the guest.

    * Don't hire maintenance workers in the first months of a game, because
    they will have
    little work and you must pay them anyway! Also, don't start the game by
    food/drink-stands, because it takes a while before a guest becomes
    hungry/thirsty when
    he/she enters your zoo. More important is it that you have to pay
    upkeep-costs for these
    food/drink-stand, so you can save money if you wait to build the
    food/drink stands. The
    same for restaurants.

    * A hamburger stand is twice as filling as a hotdog stand but does not
    stimulate the thirst
    as much.

    ZT1 Tips and Tricks Genkiglitterof1

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