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    Tips on Making Money


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    Tips on Making Money Empty Tips on Making Money

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:02 pm

    To make money, you COULD cheat by hitting + 4 ($) - each
    time you do it you get $10,000, but if you decide to go this way, be
    sure to do it before you start building, because it makes your fences
    deteriorate and mucks up your tanks (if you have any).

    If you DON'T want to cheat, here are my money-making suggestions:

    - When making an exhibit, try to put your animals in towards the end of
    the month - that way, you can wait until the first of the next month
    before hiring a zookeeper to feed/care for them, which saves $800

    - When you first start your zoo, guests aren't hungry/thirsty/tired
    because they have those meters on full when they first come in. Wait
    until February to put in food places.

    - Use restaurants. They satisfy hunger, thirst and restroom needs all at
    the same time, plus there's no trash. No trash means NO maintenance
    workers until fences deteriorate! Others may argue that guests like the
    food stands better, and that they will make more money over the long
    run, but I'm not sure they're taking the maintenence worker's wages into

    - Put in an animal theater. Guests love them and they make a lot of
    money. Like the restaurant, wait until February first to place it.
    Carousels will also make some money for you

    - Decorate later. First things first, make your animals happy by
    bringing the suitability up as high as you can. This will make the
    animals happy, and happy animals mean happy guests. Happy guests mean
    You also get a bonus the first time you hit 99% suitability, which I
    believe is $15,000.

    - Utilize the outer wall of the zoo. It will save you money on building
    fences. Also, used shared fences, as it means more money saved on

    - Raise your entrance fee to $29. Cheap = up to $19, Normal = $19.25 to
    $29, High = $29.25 to $49, and Expensive = $49.25 to $100. Unless you
    are wanting to keep guests out of your zoo (which can be a good thing if
    you don't want crowded animals), try not to raise your fee over $29.
    Less that $29 is just money you could have had without impacting the
    rate your guests will come.

    - Put in exhibits for animals that breed quickly such as the warthog -
    sell off the adults and get some extra income!

    - Endangered species such as the white bengal, okapi, black leopard,
    snow leopard and pandas will give you a $ bonus when they breed for the
    first time. The bonus for breeding pandas is $50,000!

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