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    time does NOT matter


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    time does NOT matter Empty time does NOT matter

    Post by orphaned on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:58 pm

    Half Flower

    it's been increasingly difficult to watch the news lately ..

    so many new scandals ...

    and allegations of  sexual abuse and impropriety ..

    what is as distressing as these reports is the constant bleating ...

    " why did they wait so long ?? "

    or " if it were true .. how could it be and/or why is it still relevant ? "

    for the women .. it may as well have just happened. 

    speaking out is not always feasible or possible ...  or safe.

    but burying these things can do more harm than good ...

    as an unfortunate member of this club .. I can only speak for myself.

    even though my experience happened in 1980 ..

    there are times when I feel as trapped and angry and helpless as I did then

    some scars never heal .. you just move past them and try to be okay ..

    these bad behaviours are nothing to understate ...

    the damage can and often does follow us all our lives ..

    even to the point of changing our planned life course

    and robbing us of rich, full lives

    even with counselling and support ...

    so, as hard as it is to watch ...

    it kick starts feelings I have dealt with again and again ...

    it is about time that men are more aware of the damage they are doing by their actions.

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