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    Fattening the frog for the snake


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    Fattening the frog for the snake Empty Fattening the frog for the snake

    Post by orphaned Mon May 11, 2015 1:52 pm

    Half Flower 

    I miss Judge Joe Brown ... (one of several Judge Shows no longer airing )

    A southern gentleman Judge ..

    Genteel and classy with a slight drawl which I find ever so sexy .. ...

    Slow to anger but when he did lose his temper >>>

    he was magnificent as he was still controlled but you could feel it 

    Called his bailiff Miss Holly which I  find utterly charming

    There were always a wide variety of lawsuits

    and at times  ... in addition to being enlightening ... as funny as hell  Belly laugh

    For the last week or so  keep thinking of him and some of his more memorable shows

    And the phrase >>>  y'all don't fatten a frog for another man's snake keeps rolling around in my mind ..

    just love folksie sayings   Heart

    conjures up a way of life as well .. laid back and laconic

    and often quite tongue in cheek  ... to my ears anyway

    rather than misspeak about the actual case ..

    here is the best explanation for the saying that I could find ..

    Elk grin

    What it really means is:

    Example: A pretty girl in a bar(frog) who has a boyfriend at home (snake) 

    and there's a guy at the bar buying her drink after drink (fattening)

    in hopes of taking her home with him, but when the bar closes she goes home to her man.

    Hence: Fattening the frog for the snake.

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