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    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler


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    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler Empty The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler

    Post by genkicoll Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:18 pm

    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler
    by Casual Arts - December, 2013

    Series links: The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler, The Ultimate Easter Puzzler

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler Fea_wide_2

    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler is a stunning collection of OVER 100 different kinds of puzzles. This collection includes puzzles such as Jigsaws, Spot the Differences, Rotating Tiles and many more gorgeous and unique holiday puzzles. With 4 levels of difficulty from easy to medium, hard to extreme there are puzzles galore for all the family to enjoy. So sit back, relax and enjoy these terrific brain teasers, hour after hour, year after year, alone or with family and friends. The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler is a holiday treat for the entire family!

    -OVER 100 superb and unique puzzles
    -Jigsaws for ALL abilities
    -Brain teasing festive fun
    -A Christmas treat for the entire family
    -Hour upon hour of outstanding gameplay!

    Click images to enlarge
    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler Th_screen1 _ The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler Th_screen2 _ The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler Th_screen3

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    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler O9fj

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    The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler Empty Re: The Ultimate Christmas Puzzler

    Post by JustTheFacts Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:16 am

    Best Xmas Game Of The Year
    Sunny Sunny SunnySunny Sunny


    This is a very well named game. It IS the ultimate if you like jigsaws, spin the tiles, and spot the difference and plenty of other image-based games.

    The game looks good, with excellent clear and bright graphics and well-chosen beautiful images. Most importantly to me, they are high quality photos and art that are truly Christmas-themed. The same with the music. Most of the music is recognisable Christmas classics, or what I can only describe as ‘lounge music’, which may be adapted from more modern tunes I don’t know.

    This is saying a lot. I have reviewed a dozen or more Christmas games leading up to today, and this is by far the best in creating a xmas atmosphere. Makes me want to buy it to play on the day – and I don’t even celebrate Christmas!

    Now some stats on what you get:

    Jigsaws: Easy x16, Medium x41, Hard x28, Extreme x 8. The level of difficulty is determined by the number and size of the pieces and the amount of similar details on the image. This is not one of those games where you can customise. The only option is to see the image while you work.

    Spin the tiles: Easy x16, Medium x9, Hard x7, Extreme x7. The degree of difficulty is determined by the image, but more so by the number of small (1 unit) squares vs. the number of large (4 units) squares. In extreme, clicking one tile spins it and another tile – not necessarily adjacent.

    Other Puzzles:

    Spot the difference x8. The images are very “busy”
    Memory Pairs x6. None hard.
    Follow the wires x3

    And a few others. One jigsaw in the “Other” section is a map of the US with all the states as jigsaw pieces in their correct shape. Fun for this Aussie who is useless at geography!

    There is an instructions button with each game. You are awarded points for each game you play (although I don't know by what method they are given), and there is a High Scores table. But for me the appeal is simply the atmosphere and the beauty of the images.

    This is a definite buy for me. Or it would be if it was on Big Fish. It’s on iwin, where I am not a member, and I simply can’t bring myself to pay full price for it.

    I Recommend This Game!

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