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    BOOM! Black Friday, Baby! GOG 2013 Sale


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    BOOM! Black Friday, Baby!  GOG 2013 Sale Empty BOOM! Black Friday, Baby! GOG 2013 Sale

    Post by genkicoll Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:40 am

    BOOM! Black Friday, Baby!
    65 assorted games 70% off, no risk of getting trampled!

    BOOM! Black Friday, Baby!  GOG 2013 Sale Fba40da25ac7fb6317a29c33999188257833b5fb_smallThe time has come to unveil our special Black Friday promo First, let's put things in some perspective, though. There are a few great things about the Black Friday retail festivities, and one really, really bad one, that kind of spoils all the joy for many people. On one hand, you can go out there and grab consumer electronics, games, movies, and other tech-goods with insanely attractive discounts, finally getting those things you wanted, but without the guilt of paying too much for stuff that's not essential to your wellbeing. On the other, you risk getting seriously battered-up in the process, as hundreds, or thousands of other people will be trying to do just the same and they won't take competition kindly. Each year people get injured in their pursuit of great deals. Badly injured! Killed even! Even if the media blow the thing way out of proportion, the risk still exists.

    Why take any risks? You're entitled to great Black Friday deals without exposing yourself to raging crowds. Take the digital route, this year! We've prepared a huge selection of titles for you, and applied a huge discount to all of them. Games that usually cost $9.99 are now available for only $2.99. Titles with $5.99 regular price tag are up for grabs for only $1.79. That's 70% off discount on a selection of 65 fantastic games. You can greatly expand your DRM-free collection and emerge victorious from this whole Black Friday ordeal, without staring into Death's cold eyes even once. You don't even need to rush in--we give you plenty of time to plan your purchase, so you don't end up with something you bought because it was dirt cheap, not because you really wanted it. That's Black Friday customer love style! The offer lasts until Tuesday, December 3, at 10:59AM GMT.

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