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    Lost in Reefs 2


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    Lost in Reefs 2 Empty Lost in Reefs 2

    Post by genkicoll Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:50 am

    Lost in Reefs 2
    by Rumbic Studio (?) - Sept. 2013

    Series: Lost in Reefs, Lost in Reefs 2

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Lost in Reefs 2 Lost-in-reefs-2_feature

    While other Match-3 games support only one gameplay mode (Swap or Chain), Lost in Reefs 2 goes a step further by now including Group, a third, new gameplay mode. Swap pieces between spots, trace a “chain” between identical pieces, or – now – explode groups of similar colors. And to complete a level, destroy the marble plaques. It’s harder than it sounds! Another game exclusive is the shape of the playing field: Lost in Reefs 2 offers a traditional rectangular field as well as an innovative six-sided one for a greater challenge.

    • Three gameplay modes: swap, chain, group
    • Relaxing music and smooth sounds
    • Amazing underwater town to restore

    Click images to enlarge
    Lost in Reefs 2 Th_screen1_Lost in Reefs 2 Th_screen2_Lost in Reefs 2 Th_screen3

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    Lost in Reefs 2 Empty Re: Lost in Reefs 2

    Post by JustTheFacts Sat Jan 25, 2014 6:11 am

    Different Style Fishy Match 3
    Sunny Sunny Sunny


    This game is very like the other fishy Match 3’s such as the Fishdom series and Aquascapes. It has the now familiar aim of earning coins to create your own aquarium, so you work through levels of increasing difficulty to achieve this.

    But there are some significant differences too.

    *There is a voiceover commentary to introduce the ‘story’ behind the game. We are searching the ruins of a dragon and human city long since fallen to the bottom of the ocean. However, apart from the intro, there has been no reference to this part.

    *I like the art in this one better, it is lighter and more pastel, and surprisingly I found this more pleasant.

    *The music is a bit loud, but unique, using choral voices and gives the game a note of ceremony.

    *There is a timed or untimed option.

    *The gameplay includes the use of rectangular tiles and hexagonal tiles, and changes at apparent random from level to level.

    *Still locked when my hour ended were the two other game styles offered – chain and groups. I’m not much of a Match 3 player, so I’m not too sure what they will be like, but certainly, adding variety to a game style we’ve all played a lot of over the years seems like a good idea!

    *The shop has ornaments and relics, but you can only get fish and some other things by playing the game (I think).

    *There are trophies.

    .As I say, I’m not very adept at Match 3, even though I’m very experienced (oh dear!) at trying, so perhaps this is not so new to you, but even just the hexagon/rectangle mix felt refreshingly new to me.

    I Recommend This Game!

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