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    Game Manager at BF now called "Big Fish Games App"


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    Game Manager at BF now called "Big Fish Games App" Empty Game Manager at BF now called "Big Fish Games App"

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:25 pm

    Posted on the BF blog July 26, 2013, here:

    We’re very happy to announce the release of the Big Fish Games App, the newest incarnation of our Game Manager! Go ahead and download the new Big Fish Games App here!
    The redesigned, revamped Game Manager looks better, runs better, and is much easier to use than ever before. You’ll be able to easily see and organize the games you have installed, find new games you want to play, and purchase any games you want to buy!
    We’ve worked very hard to make this version the best one yet. We hope you enjoy the updates.
    What’s new?
    We’ve given the face of the Big Fish Games App a complete makeover so it’s easier for you to find and play your games. Beyond the look and feel, you’ll also notice new functionality that will make playing your games and finding new ones easier than ever. Some of the changes you will you see include:
    Instant Games

    • Play hundreds of games instantly with no downloads
    • Games stream within Game Manager
    • Over 280 games and A New Game Every Day!
    • First time users get a 7 day preview of the premium service
    • After 7 days users can subscribe for just $7.99/month to get full-screen access to the entire catalog of games
    • Non-subscribers can continue to play a rotating selection of 14 games for free
    • Instant Games is only available in the United States – working to expand to other countries

    Easy Checkout

    • Buy and start playing games immediately without leaving the app
    • When a user downloads a free trial, they can purchase the title directly from the app
    • Users can purchase directly from the “Games You’ll Love” section

    Purchase History

    • Access your game archive to reinstall and activate previously purchased games.
    • Available in the left navigation bar

    New look

    • “Sort by” has moved to the right
    • New name! – Now the Big Fish Games app.

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