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    Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial


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     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Empty Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:08 pm

    Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Build Your Own Castle Pack by Genkicoll (for download at Zoo Tek Phoenix - just follow the link)

    Description of the pack:
    9 castle walls (fences) and 4 "roofs" (towers), plus a ready-made dark
    ages castle for your zoos.

    The castle walls come in different heights to create a multi-level
    castle, plus some levels also have built-in windows.

    Try using asphalt terrain on the flat, raised portions of your castle, a
    path, foliage - whatever strikes your fancy!

    Made to match the items in the Dragon Rider's Medieval Pack.

    The items in this pack are meant to be used with the configured doors so
    that you can create your own working buildings!


    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to build a simple castle. I
    have used the build-your-own castle pack and the configured doors pack,
    plus a few items from the Dragon Riders Extravaganza Pack and the DR
    Medieval Pack.

    1. Using the largest size you can do at once, raise
    your castle-to-be area by FIVE levels. I have changed the area that I'm
    raising to concrete so that you can see it better.
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle01

    2. Raise each corner by THREE levels. Each corner is now 8 levels high.
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle02

    3. Use the 8-level fence (I like the windowed ones for this part) on the
    outside of each corner.
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle03

    4. Use the 3-level fence on the inside of each
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle04

    5. Finish the outside of your castle by adding the 5-level fence on all
    of the blank walls. Try alternating windowed with non-windowed fencing
    to add interest.
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle05

    6. Add a configured door.
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle06

    7. Add a pathway to the top of each turret (the corners). I used the
    ancient cobblestone path (found in the Dragon Riders Medieval Pack) this
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle07

    8. For the rest of the roof area, I've used the in-game boardwalk path,
    then added a large turret to the center.
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle08m

    9. Small turrets added to each of the corner areas add even more
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle09

    10. How about some cannons to help keep the castle protected from
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle10

    11. Added some torches for lighting, and a couple of doorways leading
    from the corner turrets onto the roof.
     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle11

    12. Decorate! I added a tall turret on either side of the door, some
    shields on the sides of the castle, some bonsai trees (make beautiful
    underbrush), a pathway leading to the door and a horse and cart on the

     Build-Your-Own Castle Tutorial Castle12

    Voilà~! One completed castle!


    - Each door will hold a pre-determined number of guests. For larger
    buildings, try using multiple doors! For instance, different entrances
    can serve different purposes. The main door could be a restaurant,
    while an additional door could be a gift shop!

    - If you build it right, you can have a stairway leading to the top of
    your castle. You could actually have guests wandering the ramparts of
    your castle!

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