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    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial


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    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial Empty Sinking Exhibits Tutorial

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:25 pm

    It's not necessary to sink exhibits in ZT1, but it can do 2 things for
    you. First, if you have a problem with escaping animals, lowering the
    exhibit a couple of tiles will prevent that. Second, it can add a nice
    decorative touch. I'm going to tell you how to sink exhibits and add a
    decorative fence at the top of the exhibit.

    First, choose your fence. You'll see that there are 2 choices when you
    place your fence. You want to choose the option on the right.
    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial 24429363

    Make your exhibit, making sure the green (as above) is facing TOWARDS
    the exhibit you're making. Next, choose the terrain tool:
    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial 88233404

    Lower the exhibit 2 tiles (can do more or less, but lowering it 2 tiles
    will take the top of the iron bar fence right down to ground level).
    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial 72002087

    You can continue to use this tool to lower the rest of the tiles, but
    this can be tedious on bigger exhibits, so switch to the cliff and moat
    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial 70574135

    Your lowered exhibit will look like this:
    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial 91544055

    Add some decorative fencing, making sure that the green outline of the
    fence you're placing is facing AWAY from the exhibit:
    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial 32286580

    Add a viewing area and decorate!
    Sinking Exhibits Tutorial 28611617

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