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    The Resort Empty The Resort

    Post by genkicoll Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:42 pm

    The Resort, by Bentley Little
    review from July, 2010

    "Welcome. Relax. Enjoy your stay. And lock yourself in after dark..."

    I've never read anything by Bentley Little before, but picked it up on a whim last night and finished it a few minutes ago.

    It starts off mundanely enough, with the Thurman family arriving at a secluded, posh Arizona resort for a five day vacation. Little's writing style deftly wraps you in a comfortable cocoon, lulling you into a defenseless state. You never see the spider coming, and then it's there on top of you, ready to tear you apart. Terror replaces normalcy, unease rising with every page. This book takes you on a blind roller coaster ride of emotions, never knowing when the next turn is coming, nor what direction it will take you.

    Some of the transitions are abrupt and disorienting, though luckily there were only a few instances of such throughout the story.

    I would call this book a psychological horror, not for the faint of heart. Some of the imagery is intense, crude, wild... and thoroughly disturbing.

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