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    Everlong (FREE from Dev)


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    free - Everlong (FREE from Dev) Empty Everlong (FREE from Dev)

    Post by genkicoll Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:03 pm

    by and available for FREE at

    free - Everlong (FREE from Dev) Accompany_Download

    Everlong is a free amateur Role-Playing-Game set in an immersive fantasy world. You are a Blackguard renegade, a knight sworn to serve the Cirigoth Empire and trained in the dark arts, yet hunted by your masters. Only through enlisting the aid of unlikely allies can you escape pursuit, seek vengeance against the oppressive Cirigoth regime, and discover the secret within you. Yet even after a flight across a continent, the forging of alliances during separate adventures, and a global war, a more insidious plot looms. A fallen god seeks to exploit civilization's folly and reclaim the dreams and nightmares of humanity.

    Using Enterbrain's RPGMaker2003@ engine, Everlong is designed to create a nostalgic or "old-school" feel similar to the 16-bit and two dimensional RPGs of the SNES era. The player travels through a detailed medieval world, interacting with dozens of colorful characters, both friendly and enemy, to advance the story while combating the many monsters that will attempt to hinder their journey.

    • 50+ hours of gameplay
    • Nearly 1500 maps to explore; each full of puzzles, monsters, and treasures
    • 11 playable characters
    • Skill Shard System allows player to choose the skills for each character to be learned, with unlimited reconfiguration
    • Automatic Experience
      Adjusting System keeps characters not in the main
      party around the same level of combat ability
    • Party Members chosen and player determined romance influence game
      dialogue, events, and ending scenes
    • Worldmap mini-map with trackers for hero and vehicle positions
    • Custom menu system for quick and easy access to both the main menu's default commands and special game systems
    • Detailed World Map with three modes: continent listing, waypoint
      , and continent zoom; shows next area to visit to forward the
      plot as well as location names; locations uncovered as you progress through the game
    • Finder Display pop-up helps reveal type and availability of secrets in player's current location
    • Journal that keeps a log of the primary quest as well as discovered
      side quests
    • Realm of Purgatory where fallen heroes are resurrected after perishing
      in battle; allows the player to restart exactly where they left off with all experience, money, and items earned instead of having to reload their last save file
    • Over 150 skills to learn with custom animations, including secret skill
      books to find or unlock with a NewGame+ and riddle mini-quests; skills increase in power and gain new effects as heroes level up
    • Custom character battle sprites, animations, and weapon graphics
      for each hero
    • Nearly 500 monsters to fight arranged in almost 1300 battle formations
    • Over 800 items to acquire
    • Battle Arena with 36 challenges consisting of four consecutive battles each, 22 handicaps inflicted between battles to survive, and tons of rare
      to earn
    • 14 recruitable NPCs for your ships that will offer useful services
    • 9 vehicle mini-Games that can be completed for special treasures and then replayed at the Battle Arena for prizes
    • Book mini-quest to reveal game secrets; 48 books in all to find and read
    • Forge System with 49 powerful and rare weapons, equipment, and items to create
    • Puzzle Bonus system where players can choose to skip difficult puzzles
      or instead earn a reward if they manage to complete them
    • Help Totems that aid the player in solving puzzles with hints or instructions
    • 7 Dragon Trials with puzzles and battles
    • 13 magical stones and summons to acquire
    • 7 optional bonus dungeons (one utilizing a double party system)
    • Collector System where monster drops and boss tokens can be traded for various types and quantities of items at special town merchants
    • BlackJack and Single Draw card mini-games
    • Banking System to store your Gold Pieces
    • Clue based Pirate Treasure Hunting mini-game
    • Jukebox with all 177 music tracks
    • 62 menu graphics to unlock and choose from
    • Statistics tracking and viewing system
    • GUI based party formation system
    • Memory Beacon Hunting that allows access to rare shops
    • NewGame+ and Continue+ option upon completing the game
    • 4 vehicles; two act as moving bases; one with upgradeable shops
    • Ship and Airship docking at port towns and to access remote locations
    • Battle System makes extensive use of attributes, elements, and conditions to add strategy depth
    • Special Boss attacks that push the RM2k3 engine to new limits
    • Custom glyphs detail weapon, equipment, item, and skill types
    • Battle encounter rates that adjust to your team's average level
    • Hint arrows and dungeon maps that guide the player along the correct path in certain confusing areas
    • Story Mode option allows players to experience the game without
      spending time fighting random monster encounters, also includes ability
      to skip mandatory boss fights and automatically adjust hero levels so
      that the player can turn off Story Mode at any point in the plot
    • Hunting mini-game with dynamic spawns, action based use of
      projectile and melee weapons, 5 hunting grounds, multiple weather types, and 13 different types of prey
    • GUI-based Options menu to set game preferences
    • Erect statues of your heroes and key storyline figures throughout the world
    • Utilization of the David/Goliath Patch allows for super enemies that break the normal engine limits
    • Counterattack script where monsters retaliate against specific actions or amounts of damage dealt by the player

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