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    DX-Ball (FREE)


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    DX-Ball (FREE) Empty DX-Ball (FREE)

    Post by genkicoll Fri May 09, 2014 9:38 am

    by of Michael P. Welch - 1996

    Available at: (FREE)

    DX-Ball (FREE) Dx_ball

    Classic Brick Breaker Like Arkanoid
    You have seen this game style before. DX Ball continues where Pong, Arkanoid and other games before it left off. A ball is bouncing around and breaking bricks. You bounce it back up to break more and if you let the ball pass your paddle, then you lose a life. Advance to the next level by breaking all the bricks.
    Of course it seems too simple to be addicting. But that is the beauty of DX Ball. The simplicity means you don't have to spend hours climbing a learning curve before it is fun. You can download the game and have fun playing immediately... for FREE.

    Lots of Power Ups to Grab
    Why spend the rest of the afternoon learning a new game when you can get started with DX Ball right away. Enjoy power ups and other creative spins to this classic genre.
    Some of the cool options in DX Ball are: Lasers, Grab Paddle, Fireball, Explosion, Extra Life, Grow Bricks, Next Level, Slow Ball, Through Ball and a few others you can find out by playing and downloading this game! Are you still reading? Download DX Ball and start having fun right away!

    • Simple, addictive, fun and easy to learn.
    • Tons of cool power-ups to get and power-downs to avoid.
    • It’s completely free.

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    DX-Ball (FREE) Dx_ball_1_m DX-Ball (FREE) Dx_ball_2_m

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    DX-Ball (FREE) Empty Re: DX-Ball (FREE)

    Post by genkicoll Fri May 09, 2014 9:58 am

    My eldest recently dusted this one off, and it reminded me of just how fun the game is!  Just looking at the screens, it doesn't look all that interesting (to me) but it's completely addictive.

    The installer doesn't add an icon to your desktop, but don't panic!  Click on the Windows Start button (you know, bottom left of your screen!) choose All Programs, and you'll see a folder there for DX-ball.  Hover your mouse over the folder, then right-click on the little icon that says DXBall.  Click on Send to, then select Desktop (create shortcut).

    There are tons of power-ups, but watch out!  Some of them aren't all that helpful... As a matter of fact, be sure you DON'T catch the ones that are red, 'cause it means instant "death".

    There are cheats, for those of you who want them. 

    To get past the annoying opening screen, just click the mouse, and to enter the game, click again.

    To exit, simply hit the Esc button.

    This game is a lot of fun, and if you like brick-breakers, I recommend giving it a try!

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