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    3 Cards to Dead Time (#2)


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    3 Cards to Dead Time (#2) Empty 3 Cards to Dead Time (#2)

    Post by genkicoll Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:09 pm

    3 Cards to Dead Time
    by: Big Finish Games

    Series links: 3 Cards to Midnight, 3 Cards to Dead Time

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    3 Cards to Dead Time (#2) 31958738-31958746-300x150

    Take startling glimpses of the "other side" with 3 Cards to Dead Time, the continuing story to
    reveal the source of Jess Silloway's mysterious psychic gifts.

    A few months have passed since Jess' near-death at the hands of a
    notorious occultist. No longer reeling from the experience, but still
    highly apprehensive, she's made her way back home only to have more
    vivid and terrifying psychic dreams. An unknown ghostly figure haunts
    her mind, guiding her to the location of a ghastly event 80 years ago,
    where she realizes that she can no longer ignore her gift.

    Accompany Jess on this frightening journey as she searches for answers
    to her own secrets. Visit one of the most haunted places and join a
    group of ghost hunters on a Halloween night investigation. Locate
    hidden objects using unique wordplay and deductive reasoning while
    solving challenging puzzles with strong logic. Can Jess make the
    connection between past, present and future to unlock the mystery of
    her powers?

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    3 Cards to Dead Time (#2) Th_screen1 3 Cards to Dead Time (#2) Th_screen2 3 Cards to Dead Time (#2) Th_screen3

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