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    Crime Solitaire


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    Crime Solitaire Empty Crime Solitaire

    Post by genkicoll Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:25 pm

    Crime Solitaire
    by Desktop Gaming

    Series links: Crime Solitaire, Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Crime Solitaire Crime-solitaire_feature

    In Crime Solitaire, the Mayor of Topley and the Chief of Police have vowed to save the force from shame by enforcing ancient and little-known laws. As a rookie to the force in modern-day Topley, it's your job to hunt down a new breed of felon and
    take them out of society.Earn promotions and use power-ups as you explore the city and turn the police department around!

    • Unique gameplay
    • Incredible locations
    • Solve crimes!

    Click images to enlarge
    Crime Solitaire Th_screen1 Crime Solitaire Th_screen2 Crime Solitaire Th_screen3

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