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    Steamworld Dig


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    Steamworld Dig Empty Steamworld Dig

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:53 pm

    Steamworld Dig
    by Image & Form Games - December, 2013

    Series links: Steamworld Dig, Steamworld Dig 2

    Available at:
    Humble Store
    Steamworld Dig 2ff07cfe68d61666d3d5a9c054637e6582e492fa

    SteamWorld Dig is a platform mining adventure with strong Metroidvanian influences. Take the role of Rusty, a lone mining steambot, as he arrives at an old mining town in great need. Dig your way through the old earth, gaining riches while uncovering the ancient threat that lurks below...

    • A rich world of steam-driven robots, inspired by Steampunk and Western themes.
    • Explore an underground world full of secrets, treasure and terrors.
    • Uncover the remnants of human civilization, a degenerate race of dynamite-wielding troglodytes.
    • Randomized worlds with emergent gameplay.
    • HD graphics: Beautiful, high-resolution (1080p) graphics.
    • Gamepad support: Keyboard, gamepad - play the game your way!
    • Achievements: Completionists rejoice!
    • Eye candy: Animated character portraits, bloom filter and more!
    • (Steam) Trading cards: With a character set like this? Of course!

    Steamworld Dig Ss_d68bda43fabeb368a4b27d0e98beb9195ccbe360.1920x1080
    Steamworld Dig Ss_b03e0452ea16e460ea4cc18fd8ccd6647de1ba98.1920x1080
    Steamworld Dig Ss_20913ce72c771b92779adac2024847251c7e37b7.1920x1080

    Posts : 8429
    Join date : 2011-12-28
    Age : 51
    Location : Pacific Northwest

    Steamworld Dig Empty Re: Steamworld Dig

    Post by genkicoll Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:57 pm

    Steamworld Dig 1 (Platformer)

    Ahh, how I love this game. It is the perfect blend of challenge and fun gameplay. Everything about this game shines, from the graphics to the sounds and music to the strategy involved. Before I go into why I enjoyed it so much, let's get the technical stuff out of the way.

    Options include separate sliders for Music and SFX, World Brightness and Interface Size/Position.  You can use the Keyboard or Controller (fully-supported), and there are nine Languages to choose from.

    Dig - There's strategy involved in the excavation of the mines.  Dig everything in sight and you'll have trouble getting back to the surface.  Do so in the wrong place, and you might have trouble getting to the gems.  Go straight down - which is good for quick-transit - and risk falling to a scrapmetal death.

    Light - Run out of light, and you won't be able to see the tasty gems - or the enemies! - just beyond where you stand.  There are two ways to refill your light gauge:  Destroy enemies who *might* drop some light for you, or go to the surface and watch it refill completely

    Gems - The all-important money-making gems!  Collect all you can, get back to the surface and sell them for a tidy sum.  You'll use the money you earn to buy a wide variety of upgrades, from more bags (fewer trips to the surface) to armor to super-powered equipment.

    Orbs - Also used to purchase items in the stores (like teleport nodules), but comparatively rare.  You'll need to be careful how you spend these if you want to be able to fully-upgrade our hero, Rusty!

    Explore - There is more to the mine(s) than meets the eye.  The game will help you along by adding a big red arrow to the map to show you where to go in order to progress the story, but you'll need to explore well to find all of the hidden grottos, gems, orbs and additions to your gear.

    PRO TIP - Every time you die, half of the $$ you have will go toward resurrecting you.  I recommend spending everything you have on upgrades before descending, for if you only have $4 on you when you die, it will only take $2 to bring you back. ;)

    I absolutely love this game, and played it three times back-to-back.  There's something so addictive about finding the most efficient way to dig, find gems and progress that I couldn't stop playing!  Be warned that this is not an easy-to-100% achievement game.  Despite my three play-throughs, I'm still missing four... and I don't care!  It just gives me a reason to play again~!

    Absolutely and completely recommended!

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