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    Ruin (Puzzle)


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    Ruin (Puzzle) Empty Ruin (Puzzle)

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:56 pm

    by: TBA

    Available from:
    Big Fish for PC

    Ruin (Puzzle) Ruin_feature

    Your friend, Sandra, has asked you to help find her missing sister in
    Ruin! Rebuild two houses to uncover a shocking mystery as you take on
    this unique Puzzle game. Arrange the marbles to match the picture in the
    upper-right corner in as few moves as possible and earn different
    medals. Track down Sandra’s missing sister and save the day in Ruin, an
    incredible Puzzle game.

    Rebuild two houses
    Find Sandra's sister
    Uncover a shocking mystery!

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    Ruin (Puzzle) Th_screen1 Ruin (Puzzle) Th_screen2 Ruin (Puzzle) Th_screen3

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