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    Arcanika (Match-3/HOG hybrid)


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    Arcanika (Match-3/HOG hybrid) Empty Arcanika (Match-3/HOG hybrid)

    Post by genkicoll Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:01 am

    by ? - April, 2014

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    Big Fish

    Arcanika (Match-3/HOG hybrid) Arcanika_feature

    Travel to a storybook world and help its denizens bring life back to the glade. Their world is in danger. The life force that once made things grow has disappeared and they need your help to restore it. Complete exciting Match 3 puzzles while earning treasure and achievements along the way. Use your keen landscaping abilities to restore the glade to its former self.

    • Restore life back to the glade
    • Can you unlock all of the achievements?
    • Earn power-ups to help you complete Match 3 levels

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    Arcanika (Match-3/HOG hybrid) Th_screen1_Arcanika (Match-3/HOG hybrid) Th_screen2_Arcanika (Match-3/HOG hybrid) Th_screen3

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