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    Heartwild Solitaire for Android


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    Heartwild Solitaire for Android Empty Heartwild Solitaire for Android

    Post by genkicoll Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:26 pm

    Orchid Games wrote:Hi there!

    Heartwild Solitaire for Android 1_thumbThis is your 'secret' Santa from Orchid Games, bringing gifts and joy! Let's see what's in the bag...

    Heartwild Solitaire for Android is out.
    It's been a long wait but the game is here and you can download it from Google Play now. Best thing: this is the premium edition, which includes a new theme with extra levels and... it's 100% free. It will also auto-detect whether you have a phone or a tablet and launch different versions of the game, optimized for small or large screen.

    I have one favor to ask you: after playing a little, please take a moment to leave a review in Google Play. This will help other players to discover the game and it will also make us very happy. Thanks a lot in advance!

    By the way, are you an owner of Nook HD or Kindle Fire tablet? Let us know if you'd like to have the game on your device.

    Version for iPhone/iPad is still out.
    I just wanted to remind you, in case you've missed our previous newsletter. Search for 'Heartwild' in the App Store to get it.

    Heartwild Solitaire will stay free forever.
    We've said that it will be free only until the end of this year, but we've decided to just keep it that way Smile And that goes for all the versions: PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Enjoy!

    What about that surprise bonus?
    Are you curious about that message in the main menu in Heartwild (on mobile devices)? This is an idea we came up with right after the release. I'll give you a hint: it'll change the look of the cards Smile We've been working on this for a while, trying out different approaches, and the feature is ready but not released yet. We'll be sending the update to Apple and Google at the beginning of January. We'll post a message on Facebook and Twitter when it's ready.

    What about HS: Book Two?
    We have a new version pretty much ready for testing and we plan to get back to it in January. There's very little work left, but you know how it is... we're a tiny studio and working on several games in parallel is always a challenge.

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