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    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs"


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    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" Empty Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs"

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:27 pm

    The Walls and Roofs are both hosted at Zoo Tek Phoenix.

    You can find the Walls HERE and the Roofs HERE and HERE.

    Using the terrain roofs is not hard, though it can be a bit confusing at
    first. Like the invisible fence, there are "dots" to show you the
    exact space that the roof will actually be sitting on.

    To make your own "cave" using any of the walls I've released, follow the
    following steps:

    Place 3 walls, like you're building a house:
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 60918480 Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 79524141

    Add terrain roof. The walls make it easy to see that you're placing it
    in the right place:
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 14816265

    If desired, add foliage, rocks and/or a small shelter:
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 98620329

    Only the center square will be inaccessible for you to place on, as that
    is where the roof's footprint is. Animals, however, can walk right
    through that space!:
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 64872009

    Now, you can leave it, as-is, or you can hide the area.
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 15583800

    The same methods can be used underwater. I've included an example with
    the ztds that show how it looks.

    You can use multiple roofs to create interestingly-shaped hidden areas,
    and under these larger areas, you CAN fit a large cave shelter if you
    place it just right. I highly recommend placing the roofs first, THEN
    figuring out where the cave/shelter will fit Silly face

    Posts : 8429
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    Age : 51
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    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" Empty Re: Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs"

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:34 pm

    How to use roofs as "terrain":

    This will work - to a point. I discuss this in more depth in the next post.

    1. Build 9x9 tile exhibit. Next, unless you plan to use an animal that
    likes a LOT of elevation (such as the ibex or bighorn sheep), fence off
    the areas where the "roofs" will sit with the fencing facing IN (or use
    invisible fencing). This is important because if you don't face the
    fencing the right way, it will show through the new "terrain" once you
    lower it to ground level.
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 19x9plussavedareas

    2. Add animal and shelter (if necessary). If you're not fencing off the
    areas where the roofs will sit, there's no need to worry about the
    opening to the shelter being blocked - the roofs are walkable. Adjust
    the terrain type and height to where the animal is happy. Since the
    roofs take up a whole tile, the areas where you place them need to be
    level, so take care of that before you move on to the next step.
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 2terraintypeandheight

    3. Add roofs to the walled off portions of the exhibit. Be careful with
    your placement! You might want to combine this step with step #4,
    adding them one at a time and lowering them before moving on to the next
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 3addroofs

    4. Lower roofs 6 levels. You may like it higher or lower than 6 levels,
    but this is how to get it exactly to ground level. Part of the roof
    image will disappear when you get close to the ground - I discuss that
    in my screenshots thread. It's easiest to start with the roof closest
    to you and move towards the back of the exhibit. You'll know that
    you've got your cursor on the right spot if the roof moves when you
    lower the terrain :lol:
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 4lowerroofs

    5. Add rocks and foliage until your animal is happy.
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" 5addrocksnfoliage

    You're not stuck if you want to use the terrain roofs with the tall
    walls (which are 7 levels tall) or a short waterfall fence! Experiment
    and you can come up with all kinds of fun new things!

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    Age : 51
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    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" Empty Re: Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs"

    Post by genkicoll Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:37 pm

    ZT does strange things with items that are not programmed as a path when
    you put it where guests or animals look like they should be able to
    walk on it. Usually they'll walk right THROUGH it, instead of ON it.
    Even knowing this, I got it in my head to try out the new roofs as
    TERRAIN for exhibits. I used bighorns for my experiment because, since I
    didn't expect it to work, I didn't want to go through all the trouble
    of fencing off all of the pieces that I'd be lowering to get the roofs
    to ground level (1 tile lowered 6 levels for each roof).
    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" Roofexperiment
    Some of the roof disappears when you get it close to the ground, leaving
    an interesting pattern of there and not there. Then you place the animals and - oops! -
    they disappear beneath the new "terrain". BUT, despite having lowered
    all of these items, the bighorns wanted some more elevation! The way it
    worked out with the terrain raised in places, it looks like the sheep
    are disappearing behind the hills, so it actually WORKS for animals that
    want some elevation in their exhibits! Experiment for yourselves, I'd
    love to see what you can come up with! Happy bounce

    To use the "roofs" as terrain, it requires you to lower the tile where
    the footprint for the "roof" lies. Animals that like elevation in their
    exhibits (such as the bighorn sheep) will be very happy to have those
    sheer cliffs in their exhibits, but most animals don't like that much
    elevation, so I surround the area where the "roof's" footprint is with
    fencing - either facing IN (so that it lowers along with the roof) or
    use invisible fencing. It can be difficult to see where the roof's
    footprint actually IS, but it's worth the end effect. You just want to
    be sure to adjust the REAL terrain to suit the animals' needs before you
    lower the roofs - it can be hard to make adjustments otherwise!

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    Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs" Empty Re: Using Terrain "Walls" and "Roofs"

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