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    100% Hidden Objects


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    100% Hidden Objects Empty 100% Hidden Objects

    Post by genkicoll Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:12 pm

    100% Hidden Objects
    by Cerasus Media - April 2013

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC

    100% Hidden Objects 100-hidden-objects_feature

    Hidden Object fanatics, we've got just the game for you! Forget those long-winded stories and dive right into the hidden object scenes you love! Let your eyes feast on an abundance of HO scenes, with beautiful graphics and multiple game modes that let you control your gaming experience. Are you most enthused by search lists and classic gameplay? Would you rather play detective and match an object to its silhouette? Now you can do both and have it all in one fantastic game! Skip the fluff and get right to the search in 100% Hidden Objects

    • 80 scenes in 8 amazing themed boxes
    • Relax or challenge the clock!
    • Powerful boosters

    Click images to enlarge
    100% Hidden Objects Th_screen1 100% Hidden Objects Th_screen2 100% Hidden Objects Th_screen3

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    100% Hidden Objects O9fj

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    100% Hidden Objects Empty Re: 100% Hidden Objects

    Post by JustTheFacts Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:36 am

    Don’t Be Put Off, This Is An HO Gem

    Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny 

    No big fan of pure HO games myself, I have played a few with my elderly mum who loves them for their simplicity. No long complex stories to try to follow.

    Believe me, this is much more fun than the others out there.

    First, despite what others say, this game looks heaps better than anything in the Amazing Adventures or Big City Adventures series.

    The graphics are clear, bright and as cheerful as you want them to be. The scenes make sense with the objects in them relevant, and while cluttered not really junk piled.

    And you have so many choices!

    You can choose your HOs from any of 8 different themed groups. For example, Tropical, Mystery, or Mixed.

    You can choose word lists or pictures.

    You can choose to play timed or untimed.

    You have a range of 64 (!) achievements to aim for, and you can replay any scene to better your score.

    You can collect coins to buy bonuses such as extra hints or slow time - or you can just ignore them.

    There are side challenges for added fun. Such as, for a short period of time you get points for finding a specific item.

    And I liked the cheerful jazz music.

    This is not a HOPA. This is a very superior HO game and I heartily recommend it to HO gamers.
    I recommend this game!

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