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    Support the Glitch Soundtrack!


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    Support the Glitch Soundtrack! Empty Support the Glitch Soundtrack!

    Post by genkicoll on Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:41 pm

    Like the Glitch Art Book, this project is being funded via Indiegogo and our donations to the cause.

    Here's some of the info:

    The Complete Glitch Music Project

    An ambitious and comprehensive project to collect, catalog, remix and and remaster the music from Glitch and preserve it in high quality formats for posterity. This project will result in four distinct collections:

    ‘Soundscapes of Ur’ (a double album, available on CD or download)
    ‘Glitch Variations’ (single album, download only)
    ‘Glitch Ringtones, Alerts & Sound Effects’ (download only)
    ‘Outtakes, Drafts & Works in Progress’ (download only)

    'Soundscapes of Ur' (a double album, available on CD or download) is the largest and most important collection. It will be a double disc set of the ambient music from the various geographies of the world of Glitch. It will include a 20 page booklet full of art by Kukubee , and liner notes telling you about the people that played on the music, some of the weird instruments that were used, and a bit about the process. I like to think of it as an anthology of the folk music of Ur.

    A second album, 'Glitch Variations' (single album, download only) will be full of the music you heard on special streets, in puzzles, in races and mini games — and various versions of the main theme. This album will only be available by download.

    'Glitch Ringtones, Alerts & Sound Effects' is a comprehensive collection of the sounds, short themes (such as meditation variations, spinning wheel, etc.), music blocks and other audio signatures of the world of Glitch. Several of the most popular selections will be available in both high quality mp3 and m4r formats for use as ringtones.

    ‘Outtakes, Drafts & Works in Progress’ (download only) is a bonus collection of music that has not previously be heard, remixed in high quality mp3. Only available for supporters at the ‘Apprentice Heros’ level and above.

    Why an Indiegogo campaign?

    There have been many requests to release the music of Glitch. I am more than excited at the prospect, but it will involve a lot of work. A successful campaign will help me to take the time and focus to see the project through. It will also help cover the cost of having the music professionally mastered, and printing the discs, cover art and booklets.

    So many of us invested a lot of time in Glitch, made good friends, and felt a part of something special. I hope to make something for you to remember Glitch by, but also something that people who have never milked a butterfly will enjoy!

    But the music is already made, isn't it ready to print?

    Most of the tunes were either looped or divided into short sections that played randomly, so I'd like to give them beginnings and endings! The biggest job will be taking the songs that were broken up (over 4hrs worth!) and arranging them so that they flow naturally from beginning to end and sit (and fit) nicely on an album. Distill them, as it were, without changing their familiarity.

    The music could benefit greatly from some fine-tuning of the mix, and it also needs to be professionally mastered.

    For more information, follow this link:

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    Support the Glitch Soundtrack! O9fj

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