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    Udi's Gluten-free Products


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    Udi's Gluten-free Products Empty Udi's Gluten-free Products

    Post by genkicoll Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:55 pm

    The Udi's brand of products is the holy grail of gluten-free living, as far as I am concerned. Their plain-looking labels contain some of the best-tasting gluten-free products that I have tasted.

    Almost every grocery store in my area carries Udi's brand, but if you can't find them in your area, try their website: http://udisglutenfree.com/

    Here are the products that I have tried thus far:


    White Sandwich Sandwich Bread & Whole Grain Bread:
    The taste on these is reminiscent of french. Texture-wise this bread is excellent, the best I've found in any gluten-free bread. Firm enough to spread cream cheese on, yet not hard or chewy. The whole grain bread is not like wheat whole-grain breads - no chewy grains or seeds - and the taste is very similar to that of the white sandwich bread. These actually taste better than many of 'real' breads I used to eat.

    Cinnamon Raisin Bread
    I don't know how Udi's has managed to get such a fantastic texture on their breads, and the cinnamon raisin bread is no exception. Perfect for spreads, not too soft, not too hard, not chewy. The flavor itself is exceptional, and I think this is the best cinnamon raisin bread I've ever tried (including when I used to eat wheat.)


    Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites
    This is the only so-so review that I have for the Udi's products I've tried. Because of the texture, I'm going to say that these are actually mini chocolate-chocolate chip muffins - there's nothing about these that says "brownie" except for the fact that they're chocolate. As far as taste goes, there's nothing special about it. It's rather strange, actually, and despite the double-chocolate, doesn't actually taste all that chocolatey! HOWEVER, if you heat these little cupcakes up, they do taste the way they're supposed to Udi's Gluten-free Products 364988687 - pretty tasty!

    Chocolate Chip Cookies (sold in tubs)
    Nummmm! Yes, I love them. They're small - about as big around as a standard-sized potato, but thick, and oh-so-good! These little bits o' heaven are everything a chocolate chip cookie should be, with plenty of cookie, plenty of chocolate chips, nice texture and a wonderful flavor. Definitely recommended! Udi's Gluten-free Products 1404866550

    Snickerdoodle Cookies (sold in tubs)
    A snickerdoodle, for those that don't know Udi's Gluten-free Products 2431214003, is a sugar cookie with cinnamon-sugar on the outside. Despite how much I loved the chocolate chip cookies, I didn't have high hopes for these. Oh how wrong I was, and I'm so glad! These are absolutely wonderful, great texture, great flavor - love them!

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