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    Citadel Arcanes (M3)


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    Citadel Arcanes (M3) Empty Citadel Arcanes (M3)

    Post by genkicoll Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:02 pm

    Citadel Arcanes

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC / Mac
    GameHouse as Premium Edition / Standard Edition

    Citadel Arcanes (M3) 45477282-45477290-300x150

    Become the greatest architect in the entire kingdom with Citadel Arcanes Premium Edition, an innovative matching challenge.

    The Duke, your father, has decided that it's time for you to start learning his trade of being a Grand Architect. He gives you the task of building your very own citadel to help the kingdom, but as time passes, he suddenly falls ill. The only hope to save him is to restore the long lost Healers Circle. Can you get to it in time to help the Duke?

    Find out as you explore the countryside and build out the most magnificent citadel around. Play through unique Match 3 levels as you gather resources for all your needs. When ready, mix, connect and even stack buildings any way you like on a beautiful mountainside. Seize chests, uncover hidden treasures, and use special powers gained by meeting special quests.

    Critics give Citadel Arcanes 4 ½ stars calling it "a well rounded package". See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Citadel Arcanes Premium Edition today!

    Premium Edition includes:

    • This Premium Edition includes a bonus Survival mode, a beautiful Screensaver, and Wallpapers.
    • Build your own citadel in this magnificent and innovative Match 3 experience.
    • Mix, connect and even stack buildings any way you like.
    • Seize chests, uncover hidden treasures, and use special powers.

    Click images to enlarge

    Citadel Arcanes (M3) Th_screen1 Citadel Arcanes (M3) Th_screen2 Citadel Arcanes (M3) Th_screen3

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