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    FaeVerse Alchemy Giveaway & FREE copy of Godhede E-book


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    FaeVerse Alchemy Giveaway & FREE copy of Godhede E-book

    Post by genkicoll on Fri May 15, 2015 8:56 pm

    The devs of Faerie Solitaire are giving away 250 copies of FaeVerse Alchemy HERE.  If you need any help getting signed up at SteamGifts, just let me know -- the site is quite easy to use. Big smile

    Subsoap wrote:Subsoap is getting into publishing fiction along with games going into the future! We plan to build games along side our fiction projects so that they share the same worlds and contribute to each other. One such project is called Godhede, which is a dark fantasy world full of terror, demons, adventure, magic, and fun. All of our work is a team effort!

    We're making the first volume of Godhede free to download for the next few days. Please check it out, and if you do leave it a review. Sharing that it's free right now, along with sharing this giveaway, would be helpful also! Download on both sites if you wish - once you do they will stay yours in both your Amazon and Google accounts forever.


    Description: A kindhearted boy with a dark secret is forced from his home into a fierce world filled with demons and magic.
    Keywords: Dark Fantasy Supernatural Adventure

    Site: https://www.godhede.com/

    Download on both if you desire:

    EDIT:  There's one for 2,222 copies of Faerie Solitaire also for anyone who doesn't have it yet! 

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