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    Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island


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    Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:33 pm

    Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
    by ValuSoft / Autumn Moon Entertainment - August, 2010

    Available at:

    Discover a tale of evil intentions and salty sea dogs in Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, a whimsical adventure.

    Something is brewing in Vooju Island... Three unsuspecting spirits have fallen victim to a conspiracy contrived by the devious Queen Zimbi. Now you must help this heroic trio thwart the dark machinations of the Vooju priestess and her pirate allies. Hurry however, because the fate of the entire world lies in the hands of three unorthodox misfits.

    Play as Papa Doc, Blue Belly and Jane Starling to reunite their spirits with their bodies before the evil priestess causes more chaos. Explore over 30 locations with a cast of salty characters as the story unfolds with swashbuckling tongue-in-cheek twists and turns.

    Combine abilities to outsmart the pirates, solve puzzles in innovative ways, and find out what lies in store for these three hilarious characters. Can they stop the queen and save the world?

    •    This game requires a high-end graphics card to run and does not include a free trial.
    •    Reunite three spirits with their bodies in this lighthearted point-and-click Adventure.
    •    Play as Papa Doc, Blue Belly and Jane Starling to stop an evil priestess.
    •    Explore over 30 locations full of tongue-in-cheek twists.
    •    Combine the abilities of the three to outsmart pirates and solve puzzles
    • Walkthrough (by MaGtRo)

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