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    Little Ghost (Platformer)


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    Little Ghost (Platformer) Empty Little Ghost (Platformer)

    Post by genkicoll on Mon May 20, 2013 10:56 am

    Little Ghost
    by PlayWay - May, 2013
    Available at:

    Little Ghost (Platformer) 45490219-45490227-300x150

    Little Ghost's castle has been taken over by powerful enemies, terrible torturers, heavily armed dark knights, and magic key keepers. He needs your help to clear the castle of these evil forces and dangerous enemies.
    You'll fall in love with our adorable hero as you guide him through classic arcade moves to collect jewels and enchanted keys. Use magic spells and other potent power-ups to gain strength and triumph over trials and threatening encounters. The challenge increases as you move through the levels. Each success brings triumphant satisfaction and the drive to keep going to the next level.

    • Engage with classic arcade gameplay mechanics.
    • Travel through charming castle graphics in 15 levels of play.
    • Advance by defeating powerful bosses and strong enemies.
    • Collect jewels and enchanted keys and use magic spells and other power-ups.

    Little Ghost (Platformer) 45490236-45490237-large Little Ghost (Platformer) 45490244-45490245-large Little Ghost (Platformer) 45490252-45490253-large

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