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    free - Spectre (FREE) Empty Spectre (FREE)

    Post by genkicoll Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:03 pm


    Free from Vaguely Spectacular
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    About Spectre

    On a quiet winter night, Joseph Wheeler stares up into the snow and tries to recall the nine moments that shaped his 73 years of life. Travel through Joseph Wheeler's memory and relive those nine moments, choosing how his life will be remembered.

    Spectre is a recombinant narrative platformer, a game hat tells the story of an individual's life. The landscape before you is not a physical world, but 73 years' worth of Joseph's memory: moments of joy and fear, light and darkness. As you navigate through his specific recollections, similarly themed events will glow bright. If you succeed in these moments of play and follow a glowing path, you will find a theme uniting his experience, and uncover a little more of his fading memory. If not, your nightly story will end in confusion.

    With over a hundred memories linked to fifty-two different ending themes, there are many possible narratives to discover in Spectre. Each session of play represents one fifteen-minute summary of Joseph
    Wheeler's past, one piece of a life-long puzzle. Different stories will highlight different facets of his experience and personality, leaving the player with a compelling, if never entirely complete, impression of
    the man, his place in the world, and what he sees when he stares upwards into the endlessly falling snow.

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    There are three choices on the "Play" page at Spectre:
    Donate/Download---Download Only---Donate Only

    So if you're not sure about it, you can play it and make your decision. If you like it, you go back and donate to the team. Very Cool!

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