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    Dawn's Light A Christmas Tale 1 & 2 (FREE)


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    free - Dawn's Light A Christmas Tale 1 & 2 (FREE) Empty Dawn's Light A Christmas Tale 1 & 2 (FREE)

    Post by genkicoll Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:41 pm

    FREE from John Wizard

    Dawn's Light: A Christmas Tale

    Can John Wizard save Christmas before it's too late? He'll need help from his friends from Dawn's Light!

    Dawn's Light: A Christmas Tale is a new mini adventure starring your favourite characters
    from Dawn's Light. Catching squirrels, matching couples,
    dealing with oversensitive horses. It's all in a days work for John

    Dawn's Light: Another Christmas Tale

    Christmas has returned, and so has John Naught.
    After John Naught steals John Wizard's hard drive,
    John Wizard must embark on another Christmas adventure to recover his
    hard drive whilst also ensuring the ongoing merriment of Jingle

    However, when John Wizard discovers that he will be unable to request
    the help of his favorite character Harvey, the responsibility will fall
    on the shoulders of two unlikely heroes - Virgil and Swordhand.

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