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    something heartwarming to watch


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    something heartwarming to watch Empty something heartwarming to watch

    Post by orphaned on Sat Mar 23, 2019 6:44 pm

    Half Flower

    Remember this title  ....  LOST LETTER  MYSTERIES

    if you get tired of all the sniping

    and nastiness

    filling the airwaves

    if you need a respite

    and want to be uplifted   

    this show is for you  !!!!

    it is wonderful  ... delightful  ...  meaningful

    there is not one episode that has left me dry eyed

    am always feeling better ... enriched ...for having watched it.

    my undeniable MUST SEE TV

    for me  .... Saturdays at 6 pm on VISION TV

    the best ( almost ) 2 hours of the week

    thank you to the creators of this lovely show ....

    my heart needs the smiles it brings every week

    so remember ....                                   LOST   LETTER   MYSTERIES

    you'll be glad you watched

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