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    Another new TV man to watch ..


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    Another new TV man to watch .. Empty Another new TV man to watch ..

    Post by orphaned on Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:24 am

    Half Flower 

    Have already said how much I appreciate Mike Rowe ... mmmmm

    But have a new man to watch and enjoy and truly admire ..

    Chris Cuomo of CNN

    When he gave a tribute to his father, the late former Governor Mario Cuomo, that aired on CNN ...

    I stopped breathing and REALLY listened through my tears

    Then I rewound it and recorded it .. and listened yet again and yes, again ..

    Hopefully can transcribe and share it with y'all soon 

    But each time I hear his deep melodious voice and those thoughtful, respect filled words 

    Have to stop as tears do not a typist make ..

    A truly beautifully written and moving homage .....

    And am listening more carefully and differently each time he does speak.

    A thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, well spoken and balanced  man who does his father proud.

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