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    Dead Reckoning 7: Sleight of Murder


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    Dead Reckoning 7: Sleight of Murder

    Post by genkicoll on Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:46 pm

    Dead Reckoning: Sleight of Murder
    by Eipix Entertainment - June, 2017

    Series linksDead Reckoning 1: Silvermoon Isle, Dead Reckoning 2: Brassfield Manor, Dead Reckoning 3: The Crescent Case, Dead Reckoning 4: Broadbeach Cove, Dead Reckoning 5: Snowbird's Creek, Dead Reckoning 6: Death Between the Lines, Dead Reckoning 7: Sleight of Murder

    Available at:
    Big Fish as Collector's Edition / Standard Edition

    Eipix Entertainment presents the next exciting story in their popular crime drama series Dead Reckoning!

    The world-famous Amazing Garibaldi Brothers have been hired to perform their newest illusion for the grand opening of the Stevens Tower Hotel. You’ve been invited to the premiere as the screenwriter for an upcoming film that they will be providing new illusions for. But something sinister is lurking backstage, and when a murderer strikes, you must use all your wits to find the killer, before they pull their own magic trick and disappear. Watch closely and don’t blink in this amazing hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

    • Reprise your role as Ms. Douglas and learn the secrets of Stodare's fire-ring trick in the bonus chapter.
    • Earn achievements as you play.
    • Collect hidden rabbits, and revisit locations to find souvenirs.
    • Replay the bubble shooter, hidden-object puzzles, and mini-games until you master them.
    • Enjoy exclusive concept art, wallpapers, videos, and soundtrack.

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