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    The Realm - Contest


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    The Realm - Contest Empty The Realm - Contest

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:14 pm

    The Realm is a game that I saw on Kickstarter, which I had hoped would get the funding it needed to get off the ground. (See the post I made on the game HERE.)  It didn't :(  I signed up for a newsletter, and got an update today!  Pretty exciting!

    The Realm Crowd Story
    We've got an exciting announcement to make about how you can get involved in The Realm's next big adventure and as you are our most favourite people we're giving you a look at it before we tell anyone else!
    Although we were gutted not to achieve our Kickstarter target and get the game off the ground, we were astounded by the level of support we received, people's passion for the artwork and the ideas they shared. So we thought long and hard about how we could embrace this passion and creativity and use it to make something new and exciting that could still bring The Realm to life.
    And so the Crowd Story was born. We're now inviting you to use our Crowd Story web platform to write your own story inspired by the original Realm artwork. The best story will be made in to an amazing animated storybook for tablet devices and published on the app store, with the winning author receiving a cut of the profits from its sale.
    The Realm - Contest Crowdstoryclip.1

    The competition launches today and runs to the 11th May and is free and open to all. Participants just need to sign up by registering on the http://therealmgame.com . Once registered, you will be presented with 26 beautifully illustrated images and asked to use them in any order to create your own unique story, simply by typing your text underneath. There are also four blank "wild card" images where you can describe what's in the scene to create their own additional content.
    The winner, as well as receiving a share of the profits, will also have their wild card scenes brought to life by one of Atomhawk's world-class artists. Runner-up prizes include copies of The Art of Atomhawk book and limited edition Realm prints.
    We're totally relying on the crowd to make this a success, so even if you don't see yourself as a budding author, why not check it out anyway or share it with someone you think could make it as a winner and published author!

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