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    Escape the Room Games


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    Escape the Room Games Empty Escape the Room Games

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:32 pm

    These are a lot of fun, if you've never tried them :D Lost in the City actually started out as an escape the room game!

    [/b]I have always loved those little games where you have to try to escape from a room/house/museum, etc. Perhaps some of you like those games as well...

    Escape the Phone Booth

    You are in a phone booth and have to get out:


    If you get stuck, check out the walkthrough here. Just click on the first Show Spoiler, which contains the walkthrough step by step:


    --- --- ---

    The next escape from games are French-made and there are four different places to escape from.

    You have to escape from The Office (Bureau) and from the House (Maison).

    At The Museum (Musee) you just have to figure out what to do to finish the game.

    At the Casino...why... you play some games, of course.

    There are several other games that have been added over time, but those above are the most famous ones. A walkthrough has also been added to each game:


    --- --- ---

    Escape from Rhetundo Island

    In this game you have to try and escape from an island! This game is from the same person who gave us Hapland.

    As far I know you have to get to level 14 before you get off the island.


    --- --- ---

    The different coloured Rooms

    The link below will get you to 4 different rooms from which you have to escape - Crimson Room - Viridian Room - Blue Chamber - White Chamber (this one takes a while to load).


    Escape Green Room


    --- --- ---

    Escape Magenta Room


    --- --- ---

    Escape Pink Room


    --- --- ---

    Enigma in the Yellow Rooms

    There were 7 rooms when I played the game in 2006, but more are added all the time. You have to escape each one to get into the next room.

    You can play as many rooms as you like and then continue another time. But you need a password for each room to get back into.

    Here are the passwords for rooms 1 to 7:

    1. Room password: play row 2

    Password for the second room: oilbottle

    Password for the third room: buttons

    Password for TV in room 3: Luke

    Password for the fourth and fifth room: passwords

    Password for GeoAtlas in room 4: mouse / Hope / Es Cape

    Password for the sixth room: map

    Password for the seventh room: smile


    --- --- ---

    The Black Room


    --- --- ---

    Black Room 2

    It´s in Spanish. Just click on Comenzar to start the game.


    --- --- ---

    The Grey Room

    You can play this game in English or German. Click at the very top on Play to play the game. It´s grey on grey, so the Play button is a little hard to see.


    --- --- ---

    Murder Escape

    You just killed Harry Jacob - your wife was cheating on you with this man (sorry girls... just pretend).
    Now you are stuck in his apartment, and have to escape before the police arrive.


    --- --- ---

    Submachine games

    I am sure you all know and have maybe played the Submachine series - or not. Unfortunately, on my W7 laptop the images do look rather small. I am sure they looked larger when I played them with XP. But take a look and judge for yourself.


    And here is another site you might want to try:


    --- --- ---

    Escape The Bar.


    And here is another from the same team, also dealing with a drinking establishment... LOL


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