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    FREE To the Moon Holiday Special Mini-episode


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    FREE To the Moon Holiday Special Mini-episode

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:48 pm

    (To the Moon) Holiday Special Minisode

    Available at
    Freebird Games - free
    - and possibly Steam -

    By Kan Gao on December 31, 2013

    Heya folks. I spent the past month making this Holiday Special for those who enjoyed To the Moon, and I’m happy to say that it’s finally done! Here’s a mini-sode featuring Dr. Watts & Dr. Rosalene.

    ( A patch should be updated to the Steam version of the game later today, so you can get it that way too. You will need to manually go to the folder to open/play it, though.)

    The minisode is just about 20 minutes long, and is meant to be played front-to-end in a little marathon, as there is no save feature (or menus, for that matter). It takes place around the holiday season, at the local branch of Sigmund Corp where Eva & Neil are employed.

    The whole thing is pretty lighthearted (including a nod to Johnny’s story from To the Moon), so don’t expect much drama. c: Although, it does touch on a notable aspect of their job that I avoided to show in To the Moon, as it would’ve distracted from the main story then.

    If you could help spread the word to others who’d played To the Moon and let them know that this exists, it’d be much appreciated as well! [...]

    Happy New Year everyone, and thank you all for your support! I’ll try to get the Steam version patched up with the new release later today (only the English version is available for it right now, since it’s fresh out of the oven).
    -Kan (@Reives_Freebird)

    Haven’t played To the Moon at all yet? There’s no better time: you can pick it up for its holiday sale price of just $2.99.

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