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    Alpha Kimori Episode One


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    Alpha Kimori Episode One

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:55 am

    Alpha Kimori Episode One
    by Sherman3D

    Series links: Alpha Kimori Episode One, Alpha Kimori Episode Two

    Available at:
    Official Site (also get the strategy guide here)
    Big Fish

    Unite star-crossed lovers on the opposite ends of an incredible war! Help Rick, a young warrior, get together with Yuki and live happily ever after! 50 years after an alien invasion of Earth, humankind has fled to the planet of Kimori. The Jinrians are in love with their new home, while the Bidarians are obsessed with reclaiming Earth. See how their battle plays out in Alpha Kimori, a fun Strategy game.

    • Fantastic gameplay
    • Wonderful storyline
    • Unite star-crossed lovers!

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