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    Text Adventure Games


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    Text Adventure Games Empty Text Adventure Games

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:26 pm

    I absolutely loved the old text adventure games when I was a kid, and played every one I could find. The following information was compiled by someone who was one of the Aimoo Pub members, and deleted their account, so I'm not sure who to give credit to!

    "Text adventure games were one of the first games played, and I used to enjoy them immensely. Once you get into the story, you can really get hooked.

    I have collected links to several sites where you can play online text adventures. Some of them can be downloaded as well, but am not sure whether they will actually play on the more modern computers.

    For those not familiar with text adventure games, here are a few clues regarding commands:

    Help - If you have never played a text adventure before and need some help, just type help and the game will give you a quick tutorial.

    N, S, E, W - If you want to move in this game, type n for north, e for east, s for south, and w for west.

    Get or take - This is the command for taking things, such as get key.
    All objects close to where you are will be described to you although you may have to poke around to see everything.

    Look - If you just type 'look', you will be given an explanation of where you are and what is around you.
    Look can also be used in conjunction with other things such as look at leaflet.

    Login - To be able to save your game while playing (so you can continue at another time), you must log-in.
    Use this command with any username and password that you like and you will be added to the database.

    Save - Saves a game in progress.

    Restore - Restores a previously saved game.

    There are many other commands as well, such as:


    Just type a simple command that is easy to understand, and say what you think you should be doing.

    --- --- ---

    Text Adventure Games

    This site has a few nice text adventures, including the original one that started it all called Adventure.


    --- --- ---

    Online and offline Text Adventures

    This site has a long list of online text adventures.
    Just click on 'Play lots of text adventures online', and you will get to another page, where you click on Games. Now you just choose the category and from there, choose any game you want to play.

    They even have a new text game interpreter with a built-in Text To Speech engine, which allows to play hundreds of classic text adventure games that can be downloaded from within the Interpreter itself, or from the links provided on the site.

    Anyway, have a look:


    --- --- ---

    Text Adventures.co.uk

    There are quite a few text adventures available on this site. They can be played online or offline. Sometimes, at the beginning of a game, it says: Press any key to continue. If nothing happens, look at the directional arrows at the right and click one of those. That way you start the game.


    --- --- ---

    The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy used to be a strictly text adventure. With the help of some talented designers, it has been redesigned, and images and other things have been added.


    --- --- ---

    I loved to play the old Zork games, even the ones that were pure text adventures. Here is a link to the site where you an download Zork 1 to 3. Can´t guarantee it will still work with newer computers, but take a look anyway:


    And for anyone who is as big a fan of the Zork games as I am, here is the official site. Click on Official games to see what´s available.

    http://www.frobozzmagicco.com/ "

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