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    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG)


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    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG) Empty Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG)

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:15 am

    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen
    by Blue Tea Games - February, 2013

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC as Collector's Edition / Standard Edition
    Big Fish for Mac as Collector's Edition / Standard Edition
    iWin as Collector's Edition /

    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG) Enchantia-collectors-edition_feature

    Travel the magical world of Enchantia as you go on your quest to stop the Phoenix Queen. Meet the different races and creatures of this fantasy world and discover the story behind the Phoenix Queen, as you seek out your destiny and learn about your mysterious heritage.

    With more than 20 exciting characters, an epic fantasy adventure awaits you!

    The Collector’s Edition includes:

    • The mysterious Kingdom in the Sky
    • Character Profile
    • Wallpaper
    • Bonus Puzzle

    For the Standard Edition

    Click images to enlarge
    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG) Th_screen1 Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG) Th_screen2 Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG) Th_screen3

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    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG) O9fj

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    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG) Empty Re: Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen (FROG)

    Post by JustTheFacts on Sat Nov 02, 2013 10:00 am

    Fantastic Odyssey
    Sunny Sunny SunnySunny


    The opening few minutes of this game are spectacular! The Phoenix Queen is a fiery goddess-like creature to both love and fear. Such awesome power is sure to mean trouble.

    500 years ago, the races (humans, elves, dwarves) managed to capture and contain the queen, but she escapes now and pursues her sworn duty to destroy all of Enchantia and begin a new age.
    When your teacher is injured protecting you from the Phoenix Queen, it is up to you to seek out the secrets of the Ancient ones, and the true story behind the legends. This will take you on a journey that encompasses many lands and peoples.

    The STORY is pretty good, as far as fantasies go, and it is kept in your immediate attention throughout with help from your teacher and other knowledgeable characters you meet along the way.

    This is a FRAGMENTED OBJECT game, where pieces of items are scattered in a scene and you must find and combine them. Not my usually preferred style of game. However, that opening hooked me.

    At first I thought I was going to be sadly disappointed by the VISUALS. In the game in general they looked GORGEOUS, but in the HO SCENES, the GRAPHICS were very GRAINY. The individual pieces were often practically invisible. Think, if you know it, of Curse Of The Briar Rose. Which was great back in 2010. Not today.

    The PUZZLES were almost all NEW to me, and lots of fun. There seemed to be less of them than in other games of this style.

    VOICE ACTING was not bad, more natural than most, and there was a fair bit of it (SKIPPABLE). MUSIC was forgettable.

    I found this to be a very LONG game, yet looking at the walkthrough, I see that what took me so long, wasn’t really all that much at all. So that may just have been me.

    One thing I really didn’t like, and is why it doesn’t get full marks from me, is the TRAVELLING. There is a INTERACTIVE JUMP MAP, but it is USELESS. It allows you to travel between regions via portal, but within them you are on your own. Each zone, most especially the Midnight Forest, where you spend the most time, is very confusing geographically, and since you must do a LOT of TO & FROing, getting lost is easy.

    Thinking about it, that’s probably why the game took me so long.

    In short, a good game, particularly if you like this genre, but not without its faults.

    I Recommend This Game!

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