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    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:16 pm


    As described by the creator, Govegirl:

    Challengers is a forum where we share the playing of our games together.
    Most challenges are competitive in nature but there are also some
    you can play at your own pace whenever you find time.
    We cover a range of games - mainly TM's as these games are most suited
    for challenges but we also have Match 3, HOG.s. Sims, Adventure games
    (we have a large Nancy Drew section) even RPG's..
    The challenges revolve around a leader board system - members earn points on games played and their achievement-

    We are evolving all the time but currently the types of game challenges available are as follows:

    1. Monthly Challenges
    These are basically the same challenges I created here at the Pub. A
    game is played all month (we usually have 2 a month running) and each
    week progress is reported by way of posting our scores.
    At the end of the month there is a Winner, second place etc and a w00den sp00n awarded to the person trying hardest!

    2. Team Challenges

    As the name suggests these are played as a team- usually 3-4 on each
    team. The teams either share the profiles to build on scores or add
    their scores together. The first team challenge we had was Letters From
    Nowhere 1 and 2, we have played Around the World in 80 Days (Match 3)
    and we just had a Dream Day Wedding Challenge with was followed up with
    Wedding Dash. They are a lot of fun to play together.

    3. Mini Challenges
    Short and fun challenges where we play a level of a game for the highest
    score. These usually run for a week as they only take a few minutes
    to finish- as a rule.

    4. Ongoing Challenges

    Take as long as you like to complete these. The games usually have no
    score but the aim is to finish and earn as many achievements and
    trophies as you can.

    5. Unfinished Business

    Games we have owned for a long time but never finished. They are played
    similar to ongoing - at your own pace but you earn double points as
    incentive to finally finish the game.

    6. Bragging Rights
    Post your high score board or completed trophy room. After working hard
    to get all expert or gold- this is your place to show it off.

    We have a lot of fun there - some people are competitive and some are
    not- it is all about playing and finishing games and everyone that
    participates is rewarded no matter the level achieved.

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