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    2 Tasty (TM/HOG)


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    2 Tasty (TM/HOG) Empty 2 Tasty (TM/HOG)

    Post by Admin on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:45 pm

    2 Tasty
    by: Maximize Games

    Series links: 2 Tasty, 2 Tasty Too: L'amour à Paris

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    2 Tasty (TM/HOG) Feat_2

    2 Tasty blends one part hidden object mayhem, one
    part on-your-toes cooking expertise, and a heaping spoonful of romance.
    As the talented young cook, Libby, work alongside your friend, Cole, to
    prepare a wide range of dishes. Can you remember just which ingredients
    are needed for each dish, and track down those that are missing? If
    Cole's delicious eats leave you hungry, try out his real recipes in your
    own kitchen! Take part in Cole's and Libby's humorous, budding romance
    and, along the way, discover the zen of cooking with 2 Tasty!

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    2 Tasty (TM/HOG) Th_screen1 2 Tasty (TM/HOG) Th_screen2 2 Tasty (TM/HOG) Th_screen3

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