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    prophecies being fulfilled ???


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    prophecies being fulfilled  ??? Empty prophecies being fulfilled ???

    Post by orphaned on Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:21 pm

    Half Flower

    this is not a biblical reference ..

    although the catastrophic weather and earthquakes are reminiscent of Revelation ...

    in the '90s ... one of the books I read had a rather disturbing storyline

    the Earth was alive ..

    and after centuries of abuse by humans 

    it was systemically wiping us out ...



    volcanic eruptions

    ever increasing temperatures 

    glaciers melting 

    rising waters

    and more

    the trees strangled us 

    the ground opened up and swallowed us 

    all because we are dreadful custodians ...

    not only of this lovely planet but the animals 

    damaging the earth and air

    eliminating 1000's of species of animals ( including plant life and insects )  

    and endangering countless more

    watching the news and seeing so many island countries being obliterated ..

    makes one wonder   Hmm...

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