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    Mystery Tales 5: Eye of the Fire


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    Mystery Tales 5: Eye of the Fire

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:37 pm

    Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire
    by Domini Games - September, 2016

    Series links: Mystery Tales 1: The Lost Hope, Mystery Tales 2: The Twilight World, Mystery Tales 3: Alaskan Wild, Mystery Tales 4: Her Own Eyes, Mystery Tales 5: Eye of the Fire, Mystery Tales 6: The Hangman Returns, Mystery Tales 7: The House of Others

    Available at:
    Big Fish as Collector's Edition / Standard Edition

    Domini Games proudly presents the next installment of the Mystery Tales series!

    You’ve been called in to investigate the dark nightmares of a young woman. What starts as a simple investigation quickly takes a dangerous turn as a witch from the past comes back to take her prey! Can you uncover old secrets and save the town before it’s too late? Find out in this exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

    • Things go from bad to worse in the bonus game, and only you can stop it.
    • Find hidden torture devices and add them to your chamber of horrors!
    • Collect hidden tarot cards to play a bonus card game.
    • Locate lost pages and add them to your witch's spellbook.
    • Includes achievements, wallpapers, soundtrack, and concept art.
    • CBig Fish Blog Walkthrough

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