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    Green City: Go South


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    Green City: Go South Empty Green City: Go South

    Post by genkicoll on Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:49 pm

    Green City: Go South
    by Melesta - July, 2014

    Series links:  Green City. Green City 2, Green City: Go South

    Available at:

    Green City: Go South 202572

    Build your version of paradise in the middle of the ocean with eco-friendly materials in Green City – Go South, an environmentally conscious time management game. Continue to expand your real estate empire with an eye on sustainability and renewable resources.

    Promenades and other natural beauty features keep the people happy and your prestige up. Use recycled garbage, build generators and power plants. Turn the polluted offshore islands into a pleasure paradise for tourists and natives alike.

    Apply green engineering principles to renew and repopulate areas damaged by oil derricks.

    • Build out a beautiful archipelago made of recycled materials.
    • Achieve 48 uniquely challenging missions in a picturesque ocean setting.
    • Thoughtfully develop the area with residential and commercial, ecological and energy-efficient structures.
    • Earn 25 awards for a variety of achievements.

    Green City: Go South Screen_1
    Green City: Go South Screen_2
    Green City: Go South Screen_3

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