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    All About Imagination (iMG)


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    All About Imagination (iMG) Empty All About Imagination (iMG)

    Post by genkicoll on Sat May 19, 2012 4:33 pm

    We now have Imagination (iMG) instead of experience. Earning iMG will not only make us go up levels, but we can use it as a new kind of currency.

    Q: What can we spend iMG on?
    There are a lot of things we can spend iMG on for both our yards and our character capabilities.

    Spending iMG on Cards - You are dealt three cards which you can spend iMG on, and which you can reshuffle once per game-day. To find these cards, click on the iMG cloud (top left), then on the Upgrades cloud. Here you will find your cards, with the reshuffle button towards the bottom.\

    Full List of Upgrade Cards

    Before iMG, our characters' capabilities automatically changed. For instance, our energy and mood gauges, our quoin multipliers, etc. No longer! Now you have to "buy" the upgrades, and can do so however you wish!

    A couple of TIPS:

    - The price of the Brain Capacity cards increases every time you purchase. You're much better off buying the +3 and +5 Brain Capacity cards than you are at buying one at a time. There is a limit of 50 on the brain capacity at the moment.

    - Get those quoin multipliers! Quoins are extremely helpful, whether you're trying to boost imagination or increase your mood/energy. Genkicoll has a high multiplier because I've been grabbing every multiplier I can for her. There are some special quoins (such as in Ancestral Lands) scattered throughout the lands, and for one of them, I'm getting over 700 iMG! All About Imagination (iMG) 3772091645 For the same quoin, a friend's character is getting less than 250 iMG. HUGE difference!

    Spending iMG on your yards:

    - Expand your yard. There is a small sign to the left of your house, and outside the back door of your house. Choose the "Expand" option to add length to your street/back yard. Each modification you add increases the iMG needed for the next modification, whether it is expansion or adding new items.

    - Add new items. You can personalize your street however you wish by using the "Cultivate" option. Add patches (for trees), crop and/or herb gardens, jellisacs, barnacles, rocks to mine, etc. Again, the more you add, the more the next item/expansion will cost.

    NOTE: Anyone can access your front yard at any time (unless you've blocked that person). Your resources don't last forever, and if you don't want strangers using certain things up (such as garden plots), put them in the back yard, where only keyholders can interact with them.

    Q: Wait, if I'm spending all of my iMG, how am I supposed to go up levels?
    : No worries there Smile Your levels are based on your lifetime total of iMG - you'll still go up levels, even if you spend your iMG down to nothing!

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    All About Imagination (iMG) O9fj

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